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How to maintain the gazebo fabric

Whether the material for roofs or side panels is polyester or PVC, it should be cleaned regularly to ensure a long service life.

Gazebo covers generally withstand all external conditions, however it is essential to carry out regular cleaning of the canvas to maintain its aesthetic appearance and to avoid the spread of any problem that could damage the roof or walls.

For maintenance, we recommend removing the material roof and side walls of the gazebo and to spread them out on a clean flat surface. If there is little room then we recommend you roll the fabric up and then unroll and clean a bit at a time.

It is advisable to first dust the fabric and then clean it delicately with soap and hot water using a soft brush to rub lightly on very dirty patches. We recommend that you choose a mild liquid soap or shampoo, never use powerful products which may damage the colour or quality of the fabric. Be careful not to rub the inside of the polyester sheets too hard, this could damage the PVC layer. Rinse and then wipe gently with a clean cloth or allow to air dry in the sun. It is not recommended to use a machine to dry the material as this could damage the appearance and the robustness of the fabric.

The fabric must always be dry before being folded and stored. It is important to always store the product in a dry place.

All our gazebos are supplied with a carry bag which will allow you to easily transport and store both the structure and the roof.

If the fabric becomes torn you can buy a new roof or side panels or you may be able to repair the torn parts. To do this, simply clean the area to be repaired with a cloth soaked in degreaser; cut a patch with rounded edges of the desired shape; spread the glue on the face of the patch and the material using a brush; leave to dry for 5 minutes; apply the patch and press down firmly; turn the cover over and repeat the operations. Place 2 laminate plates on each side of the repair and press the assembly with clamps or weights; Leave under pressure for around 12 hours; remove the clamps/weights and plates and gently brush a small amount of glue along the edges of the patch; Leave to dry for 15 minutes.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any query or need advice and to look at our advice sections on: pop up gazebo, gazebo capacity, gazebo anchoring, and safety tips for gazebos.

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