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How to calculate the capacity of a gazebo

We offer a very simple method of calculating the capacity of a gazebo which helps you to assess the covered outdoor space you need for your parties, receptions, dinners or buffets.

For a seated dinner:

We consider that it takes 1m2 for 1 person (excluding reception furniture), so if you have 50m2, you can sit 50 people (this takes into account the space taken by tables and chairs).
For seated guests to be comfortable you should allow an average space of 55cm per person
It should be noted that round tables are appreciated for being more friendly and convivial, but they occupy more space than rectangular tables, always take this into account in you calculations.
If you choose a rectangular table plan configured in the shape of a ‘U', it is necessary to provide a passage of 1 metre, for the chairs to be pulled out, as well as allowing guests to be served by catering staff.

For a standing reception (eg. aperitifs, cocktails or a buffet)

We consider that it takes 1m2 for 2 people, so if you have 50 m2 area (excluding reception furniture), the gazebo can accommodate twice that number of guests: you can have 100 people standing comfortably. In some circumstances you can even go with 3 times more participants!

For a buffet

It is important to not underestimate the size of a buffet. It is recommended to have 8 cm width per guest, or 4m for 50 people, with a table depth of approximately 76 cm. The decision on the length of the buffet is very important in order to avoid a crush. Do not forget to provide a space behind the buffet as well for serving catering staff (about 60 cm)

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