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How to secure your gazebo

When installing you gazebo the whole structure must be securely fixed to the ground either with leg weights, pegs and guy ropes (an anchoring kit is included with all our gazebos). Indeed, each time you erect your folding gazebo, securely anchoring each leg is imperative. When installing on soft ground, anchoring each leg is vital using tent pegs and ideally additional guy ropes for added stability.

Firstly, it is important to take account of the assembly conditions for your gazebo (see the assembly instructions and videos available on our website).
• The mounting location should preferably be on level ground, in a non-floodable area, sheltered from the wind and away from high voltage power lines.
• The gazebo structure must be secured: it is important to make sure that the foot locking system is properly engaged,
• The roof material must be taut and correctly positioned in the corners,
• If side walls are to be used they must be erected individually using the Velcro loops around the legs as well as the strip along the top edge to join it to the roof. Walls are joined to each other at the corners with zips.
• Always use the guying kit to fix the structure to the ground. Our gazebos come with a guying kit and the foot plates of each leg are drilled so they can be anchored on soft ground.

Our PRO range in Alu 40mm models can withstand winds of up to 60km /hr and our top of the range PRO+ range in Alu 50mm can withstand winds up to 100km /hr.

It is important to note that a gusty wind is more dangerous than strong and continuous wind. Indeed, strong and continuous wind may billow but it will remain anchored, where as a gusty wind can cause the gazebo to become free and possibly turn over resulting in possible damage to the structure.

It is difficult to accurately assess the right anchoring to secure a gazebo, without risking damage to the structure. In fact, a tent that is over weighted may not move but there is then the risk of the frame twisting.

In general, it is recommended a minimum anchoring corresponding to the width of the gazebo x20kg:
• Under normal conditions, it is advisable to anchor each leg of the gazebo with 45kgs (leg weight of 30kg or 15kg)
• With more windy conditions, we recommend 75kg per leg
• Above 70km / hr, we do not recommend the use of our gazebos, even with additional anchor weights. The risk of the frame twisting or lifting becomes too great, and could endanger the public.

TIP: If wind is likely it is preferable to install a fully closed gazebo (with all the side walls) in order to prevent the wind from rushing in and causing an uplift. A half open gazebo will be far more vunerable to winds.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any query or need advice and to look at our advice sections on: pop-up gazebo, gazebo capacity, safety tips for gazebos, how to maintain gazebo fabric and logo print and branding.

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